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Very bright


Water Resistant

These lights are designed to hold up against all manner of wear and tear. They are shock resistant and waterproof so you won’t have to worry about exposure to the eliminates doing any damage.

Key Features

High-speed heat dissipation system

Easy installation in 20 minutes/ 95% plug-and-play installation

Clean, crisp, bright white light

Increases visibility during the day

Low wattage but high brightness

Compact design to fit more than 98% of vehicles

High level of heat dissipation

IP68 water and dust seal

Produces soft white light

Advanced cooling system

Superior light pattern

High focus, max light output

Anti-glare body with no dark spots

Adjustable beam pattern

Simple installation-just as fast as a replacement bulb

Quality heat dissipation for longer lifespan


Long lasting

Even the lowest quality LED headlights will last longer than the highest quality regular Halogen bulbs. While standard headlights offer around 6,000 hours of continuous usage, LED bulbs take this figure up to 30,000 hours and beyond. And while LED bulbs have a higher price point, they last at least five times as long and often come with warranties to guarantee their lifespan. Just do the math to calculate how much money you could be saving yourself. All manufactures use some sort of heat dissipation system to keep the LED bulbs cool and stay near other components without melting them. Replacing your headlights less often also saves you a lot of time and effort.


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